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How to Make the Most of Your Space in a Small Apartment

Stylized Pasadena Studio Apartment with Storage SpaceWhen you live in a small Pasadena apartment, it’s essential to make the most of every square inch. Keeping your home neat and organized can be a true challenge when there isn’t much room, to work with. This is particularly right if you share your small apartment with others. Luckily, you can practice many smart hacks to keep your personal belongings from overwhelming you and your home. No matter your decorating style, these organizational strategies can help you keep everything in your home in its proper place.

Hidden Storage

When space is limited, you need to begin contemplating making your furniture do double duty. To add storage to a living room, consider adding a storage ottoman or side table. These pieces can help you keep throws, media cases, and other items organized and out of sight with large interior compartments.

Use the Space Under Furniture

To free up space in your closets and bookshelves, think of storing off-season clothing or rarely used items under beds or other furniture. There are storage containers you can purchase that are designed to fit under a bed. But if your bed is too low to the ground, think about adding risers to lift it a few inches. This could give you a much more open space to store items you don’t need access to every day.

Shrink & Save Bulky Items

To save space when storing your sweater collection, blankets, or spare pillows, reconsider using vacuum bags. These bags form a tight seal around your bulky items, shrinking them down to a much more petite in size. They also seal out dust, making it a good way to store seasonal items. By keeping large and bulky items this way, you can easily store double the number of personal items in the same amount of space.

Hang It Up

Another way to make the most of your small apartment is to use walls to their full potential. Many small apartments lack a hall closet, making it tough to know what to do with coats, hats, and umbrellas. Consider adding hooks or open shelves behind the door or on an adjacent wall to give you more places to keep your things organized. You can practice this same principle for larger items, like bicycles. Adding some sturdy hooks or pegs to a wall could give you a convenient place to hang a bike or other large items, freeing up floor space and keeping your belongings out from underfoot.

Utilize Nooks & Crannies

Now and then, making the most of your small apartment space means putting every nook and cranny to work. With a few basic materials, you can turn the insides of cabinet doors, the back of bathroom doors, crawl spaces, attic spaces, and other zones into storage areas for your things. Additionally, many closets and cabinets have odd corners or hidden places that might be perfect for storing items you don’t use daily.

Even just stacking boxes behind your hung clothing can offer a good amount of extra storage. Finally, maximize your vertical storage space by adding shelves to otherwise unused spots in your kitchen, entryway, bedroom, bathroom, and more. When combined with decorative bins and baskets, your open shelving could become a storage-friendly accent piece for your apartment home.

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